Our Belief

Continuing education is a key component to ensuring the success of both you and your organization. The Alabama Association of Nonprofits (AAN) recognizes the value of professional development for nonprofit executives, board members and community stakeholders. We remain Alabama’s leading resource for professional development growth for thousands of nonprofit executives annually through classroom training, web-based courses, individual and group consultation and the annual Nonprofit Summit.

Professional development though is more than just classroom training and web-based presentations. At AAN, we recognize that today’s complex nonprofit climate requires nonprofit executives to have a higher degree of business-focused leadership skills than ever before. Nonprofit executives and staff must be well-versed in many of the same principles and practices that we expect of our nation’s most seasoned corporate leaders. From fiduciary management and accounting to navigating and understanding the complex world of negotiating and contracting with local, state and federal partners for grant funds, AAN is committed to helping you be prepared to lead your organization in a business-minded yet mission-based approach.
This is why the Association has partnered with Alabama’s leading institutions of higher education and leading corporate organizations in helping us develop programs and curriculum aimed at giving you the experience and knowledge needed to excel. The Association is located within the Brock School of Business at Samford University, works closely with the University of Alabama’s Colleges of Business, Communication and Computer Sciences and is closely affiliated with many other leading two- and four-year institutions around the state.
Additionally, we have collaborative relationships with corporate organizations including among others the Society for Human Resource Management and the Public Relations Society of Alabama. All of these relationships ensure that you receive the best training, at the most affordable price and with the greatest return on investment to help you lead your organization effectively.
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