Nonprofits Matter




AAN recognizes the need for an ongoing marketing campaign that highlights the impact of Alabama's nonprofit sector and helps inspire Alabamians to contribute both time and resources to nonprofit organizations operating in their local communities. Our campaign, Nonprofits Matter, is in partnership with media and publication partners that are generously running these spots at no charge.

Promoting the important role Alabama's nonprofit sector plays, and the economic benefits of a strong and vibrant sector, is part of AAN's advocacy platform as the voice of Alabama's nonprofit sector.

ANN also sponsors Nonprofit Awareness Month in November of each year, a mobilized effort  to help further educate the public about the contributions nonprofits make and to help create a better understanding about the value, importance, and impact of the sector to our state.

Whether you’re a nonprofit staff member, board member or volunteer, you too can get involved…it’s easy!

Why a campaign? It's important that Alabamians and our Elected officials realize that our sector:

  • Generates more than $12.4 billion annually in Alabama
  • Employs more than 227,000 Alabamians
  • Pays wages of $9.7 billion annually
  • Improves the quality of life in Alabama

Our goal:

  • Increase contributions to nonprofits
  • Engage more volunteers in nonprofits
  • Educate Elected officials to invest in the programs and services of nonprofits

The campaign will be promoted via print ads, TV and radio spots, social media, and more.

Our three specific objectives during Nonprofit Awareness Month are to:

  • Mobilize charitable nonprofits across the state to raise public awareness about the nonprofit sector
  • Educate nonprofit stakeholders about the valuable contributions that nonprofits make to enrich communities and the economy
  • Encourage Alabamians to support nonprofits through volunteerism and philanthropy 

Did you know that Alabama's nonprofit sector generates more than $12.4 billion in annual revenue?

There is no question that nonprofits do more than just improve the quality of life for many. Our sector is a critical part of our states’ overall economy and employs more than 126,000 Alabamians. See how that compares to other industries in our state including the county-by-county impact.  


What can you do to participate in our Nonprofits Matter campaign?

  • Share stories and images throughout the month of November using Twitter, Facebook, Flickr and others.
  • Meet with Elected Officials in your community to tell them about your work and what impact it has on the communities you serve.
  • Encourage your clients to send in a Readers Opinion piece to your local newspaper.
  • Write an Op-ed piece for your local newspaper.


View Governor Bob Riley's 2010 Proclamation

View Governor Robert Bentley's 2011 Proclamation


Elected Representatives:

If you would like to volunteer and help spread the word please contact us!


A special thank you to the North Carolina Center for Nonprofits for their assistance!