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Why Should You Join AAN?

There are many reasons why a nonprofit professional, volunteer, board member, or an emerging, new or existing nonprofit organization should join as a member of the Alabama Association of Nonprofits (AAN).  


AAN members have:

  • access to discounted training, consulting and planning services
  • access to discounted products, services and benefits in our AccessPlus program
  • access to networking opportunities with their peers to exchange ideas and approaches to organizational challenges 
  • a role in public policy and advocacy issues affecting the nonprofit sector
  • access to participate in the Standards For Excellence® program
  • access to special initiatives exclusively for members of AAN
  • access to data that can help strengthen grant requests by highlighting the positive impact of the nonprofit sector  

AAN is a proud member of the National Council of Nonprofits that promotes the Top Ten Reasons you should join your State Nonprofit Association.


A Unified Sector is a Stronger Sector

When determining the “value” of joining AAN we encourage you to look beyond the training, networking and savings opportunities that will help you and/or your organization raise more money.


It is your annual dues that fuel AAN, and allow us to be your advocate. Your investment enables us to fund research that further validates your work and the work of the sector.  They help provide training opportunities and workshops recommended by leaders of Alabama’s most respected foundations and corporations, who believe it’s absolutely critical for nonprofit professionals to continue growing their knowledge and skills in this ever changing economic climate. 


As the voice for Alabama’s nonprofit sector, we believe the most important reason you should join AAN is that it will help further strengthen our efforts to advocate on behalf of your organization and the many other nonprofits that daily make a profound difference in communities throughout Alabama. Strength comes in numbers, and as a member of AAN you help provide the leverage our collective body of nonprofits needs to garner the listening ears of corporate, foundation and government leaders on a local, state and national level.



Who is Eligible to Join AAN?

AAN offers two types of memberships: Individual and Organization. Eligible members include:


  • Designated 501(c) nonprofit organizations
  • Non-incorporated volunteer-led groups formed to serve a community need
  • Emerging nonprofits not yet officially formed
  • Volunteers and board members of nonprofits
  • Employees of the nonprofit sector
  • Students seeking a career in the nonprofit sector
  • Individuals passionate about the nonprofit sector




What are the Annual Dues? 

Annual Dues to AAN are determined by the annual budget size of the nonprofit organization, while individual dues are a flat rate. Click here to learn more.


Please consider joining the Alabama Association of Nonprofits today and let us help you raise and save more money.